Saturn square Uranus — The Most Important Transit of 2021

This transit indicates a nudge from the cosmos towards revolution.

Saturn and Uranus square each other only once every 22 years. The transit has peaked twice already — in February and June — and is set to peak again in December.

The time has come to rebelliously shatter the structures oppressing you. No matter how familiar, or seemingly indestructible, you can destroy these things and create a new life.

The vision will take time, organization, and effort — all Saturnian things. But the desperate need for change, the willingness to sacrifice it all for it, is Uranian.

Its time to let go of restrictions, especially the ones that are self-imposed.

This transit suggests irreversible change; things will never be how they were before. But it will be okay.

Take time to process this: grieve, celebrate, scream, cry. Rebuilding can’t be rushed; it takes time to build something new, especially if you want it to last.

This Uranus in Taurus transit symbolizes a long-term, deep transformation in the ways the collective relates to the Earth. This Saturn in Aquarius transit symbolizes an objective, eccentric relationship to governing and structure.

Perhaps this square is warning us of upcoming tension; it might be difficult to harmonize our radical ideas for our governments, institutions, and societal infrastructure and our ever-changing relationship with the Earth.



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