Wed. Feb 13, 2019: Communication, Energy

Good morning! Yesterday, we focused on anger, courage, and victory, and the ways in which we can manipulate that energy inside of us and use it to the best of our ability. On Wednesdays, I like to meditate on communication, energy, and laughter. And this Wednesday, we’re going to analyze the cosmic dance of Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter and integrate their combined energies into our meditative practice today. Here is today’s spread:

We have a lot of cosmic shifts coming up in this week, and the energy is very potent. Firstly, we have Mercury, the planet of communication, in Pisces, a watery, dreamy sign of creative spirituality. This means our consciousness, the way we think about things, is a lot more fluid than normal. We find ourselves dozing off into naps more easily and drifting off into fantastic daydreams, because our minds just can’t stay in one spot. When there’s an endless world of dreams, ideas, and energies, why always focus on what’s right in front of you? Mercury in Pisces is not only a very creative period, it is also very empathetic. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between your feelings and theirs. Because things are watery right now, emotional borders can be washed right over. It’s up to you to clearly delineate where you end and others begin, and what energy you will allow to impact your inner peace.

The Magician tarot card wants us to hone our inner spiritual gifts. The world around us sometimes convinces us that we don’t have any gifts, that we are empty, soulless, and worthless, and you may feel this every single day. That doesn’t mean you aren’t a magician and that you don’t have gifts; it simply means you are unlearning and healing from trauma just like the rest of us. Magicians can harness their inner gifts in times of need, and like magicians we must be confident, we have to know that the tricks will work. This takes practice, or work, or meditation, whatever you would like to call it, but trusting yourself fully and allowing yourself the room you need to truly exercise your gifts is necessary to reaching one’s full potential. With Mercury in Pisces, allow yourself to be whatever you wish you were, just in your mind. Dream big and crazy and see what kind of ideas drift through the river. Those ideas will reveal a lot about your inner workings, and how to access your inner gifts without feeling self-conscious.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and art, is in determined and committed Capricorn, which makes for an interesting mix of love, beauty, and pleasure with work. In relationships, there is a demanding energy. Love must be earned, worked for, and everybody wants to see the effort in front of them. Effort, effort, effort, work, work, work, that’s the Capricorn energy showing up in your interpersonal relationships. Listen to it. Now, with Valentine’s day being tomorrow if you care about that kind of stuff, would be a great time to demonstrate that you are willing to put in the work it takes to love someone wholly, the way they need to be loved. In most cases, the person who needs to see more of this effort from you is you! I’d say this planetary position has very artistically entrepreneurial energy, making it a great time to start creative projects. Mercury in Pisces encourages us to let go of the concrete and dream a little. Venus in Capricorn reminds us to commit ourselves to the dream.

The six of Pentacles is proud of his work, holding it up to the sky, showing it off to the Universe. Are you this proud of your art, or your relationships with your loved ones? Perhaps “work” sounds like something dreary and dreadful that you only do because you get paid for it, but that is because capitalism has made us loathe work. Work isn’t just “work,” it’s anything that requires consistent effort. Making art requires consistent effort, and “art” can be anything from elaborately terrifying horror dolls to tarot spreads to all-natural skin care products. Maintaining relationships require effort, or work. A lot of things in life require this commitment, this dedication, that Venus in Capricorn is imploring you to redirect to the aesthetic parts of life: the beautiful parts, the romantic parts, the artistic parts.

Mars, the planet of action, is currently at home in Aries, the god of war. Planets love returning home after walking all through the solar system, and Mars in Aries will have us feeling more aggressive, sexual, impulsive, competitive. When you think Mars in Aries, think quick bursts of fiery energy — perhaps not enough to finish, but enough to start. Consequentially, this isn’t the perfect time to be thinking about the long-term. We are a little fired up right now from Mars in Aries and a little sleepy from Mercury in Pisces, but by mid-March we will feel much different. Right now, make decisions that are best for you right now. Focus on the short-term goals that you want accomplished, use that Mars in Aries to kickstart yourself, and use that Venus in Capricorn to remain consistent. By tomorrow, Mars will move into stubborn and patient Taurus, which it has conflicts with. Mars wants to go, go, go, Taurus wants to stay and be patient and double-check. Both energies are useful, of course, and can be used synergistically to begin new, healthier routines. Perhaps you realized your mood is off when you wake up in the mornings and so you vow to do a little at-home yoga after breakfast. Perhaps you have anxiety and would like to start working out weekly to help manage it. Mars in Taurus is an excellent time to ground yourself. Slow and steady always wins the race, but we’re not even racing. So take your time, and take deep, loving breaths. Your journey is yours and your timing is yours as well. While Mars is in Taurus, it can become very easy to bury your resentment instead of communicating with the person/people you are upset with, and this leads to explosive anger and avoidable conflict. It can also be a time where we’re eager to see financial gain from our consistent work. We want to be the ten of Pentacles already, adorned in our sweet clothing, surrounded by our art and our supporters, right? Venus in Capricorn exacerbates this with its very driven and commitment-oriented energy around art and beauty, seen in the six of Pentacles. Perhaps if you aren’t an art-lover at all, this is just a good time for you to spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones, and rethink your budgeting/finances, or maybe organize a secondhand sale.

Lastly, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is at home in the philosophical sign of Sagittarius. We may feel a new spark of innovation, enthusiasm, and optimistic energy. Maybe things aren’t okay in your personal life right now, but there’s so many incredible books to get lost in that it dulls the pain a little. This planet placement inspires us to grow, to seek new experiences, and shed old energy. “Out with the old, in with the new! I want to try more things, see different things! Why stay in the same place?” Jupiter in Sagittarius is saying to us. People with mutable sign (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) placements will feel directly activated by this cosmic shift. I, personally, have my Sun in Gemini and my Jupiter in Pisces and I have felt a lot more connected to my spirituality and a lot more determined to learn new things about astrology and tarot, and I have been inspired to start writing about astrology and tarot more often, as you may be able to tell. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants us to embrace discovery and philosophy. What do you think life is? What about it is important to you? Welcome growth and don’t avoid change but know when to reel it in and rest. Recollect. Ground yourself.

The Magician and the ten of Pentacles together encourage you to focus on honing your gifts, be that your intellect, your craftsmanship, your physical fitness, or what have you, but also being confident about where you are in your journey today. It is not always about — it not ever about — the “finished product” or the “final destination” because there isn’t one. I like to think about Beyoncé in this respect, we may see her as reaching her destination, as being a finished product because of the amount of success she has reached and the empire she’s built for herself. However, Beyoncé isn’t a finished product at all; not only does she have more art to continue making, she isn’t done growing as a woman, a mother, a wife, a soul. These things impact her art, her life’s journey, and her work — things are always changing. Our lives, like the planets, are always moving. We must grow accustomed to this fluidity, this constant motion, not by meditating on some fixed, unpromised moment in the future, but by accepting the reality that we are in right now and taking care of ourselves within the context of that reality, whatever that means for us.



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